Enthusiastic Response from Readers

“The author’s ability to weave humor into heartache is astounding. She writes candidly about emotions and relationships, and her vivid descriptions of the people and places that shaped her life make me feel like I’m reliving my own childhood in the pages of this book.”
— Marti Wilke

“I loved this read so much for the author’s candor, reflection, and willingness to share sacred family moments. I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran but, unlike the author, I did not grow up in the denomination. But like her, I did grow up with strong family roots just outside Flint, Michigan. This book is a combination of warm childhood nostalgia and a gripping look at how my faith was built upon the sacrifices, values, and able shoulders of families like hers. I will read this book again and again, like a visit to an old friend.”
— Marie Hundshamer

“Growing up, I sometimes wondered what it would be like to be a pastor’s daughter. After reading this heart-hugging memoir, I have a sense for how special, and how difficult, being a “PK” really is. The author made me feel the pressures and expectations, balanced by the warmth, depth, and grace her parents brought to life in a parsonage. Being raised in a “good Christian home” can look many different ways. Some kids rebel and some hide. This story, told with humor, of a daughter who is grateful for her parents, brought me to tears and warmed my soul.”
— Cindy Cox

“Great read – the author captures the voice of a true storyteller. Lots of laughter and lots of tears! This book stirred wonderful memories of growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.”
— Liz Wheeler