About Me

Hi, I’m Karen.
I’m a writer, voracious reader, Netflix-binger, and travel junkie whose inner Anglophile is perpetually at war with her inner Francophile. I also like to hike and to ride my trusty bike, once completing Missouri’s 237-mile Katy Trail in four days. In November. Not my best decision.

My indulgent husband, Jim, understands my need to dream big, and our teenage son keeps me humble by telling me everything I cook smells like fire.

Oh, and I grew up in parsonages. My dad was a Lutheran pastor. Just as significantly, my mom was a pastor’s wife who wanted her daughter to stand up straight, get good grades, and keep her clothing, and her life, spotless.

Although I managed to get good grades (with the exception of math, which made me cry), I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a spotless kind of gal. From ripped and stained childhood clothing to today’s muddy paw prints on my kitchen floor – courtesy of my gentle Golden Retriever and maniacal Bernese Mountain Dog – I can’t keep anything clean for long. I will forever be a messy pastor’s kid turned messy adult, albeit one who has been cleaned whiter than snow by a loving God.

Talking about my book and God’s grace is something else I enjoy. If your group would be interested in having me speak, or if you have questions, please reach out via my Contact page.

Thanks for visiting my site – I’m happy you’re here!